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Intranet Governance to Support Good Design - blog post image
  • Tue 27, Mar 2018
  • Carly Reeves

Intranet Governance to Support Good Design

A freshly born (or re-born) intranet provides the opportunity to set in place improved process efficiencies, and therefore, improved productivit...

Increase productivity and performance with SharePoint - blog post image
  • Thu 8, Dec 2016
  • John Hedgman

Increase productivity and performance with SharePoint

In the world of business looking at ways to the lean up the machine is a daily activity. It’s not a chore it’s a neces...

Our intranet looks like.......! - blog post image
  • Wed 23, Nov 2016
  • John Hedgman

Our intranet looks like.......!

A common thread we have seen over the many years is that no one wants to use the company intranet. WHY... because "It Looks terrible, it's dated...

SharePoint Consulting - Unlock Potential - blog post image
  • Wed 14, Sep 2016
  • John Hedgman

SharePoint Consulting - Unlock Potential

SharePoint consulting is a great place to start, its fun and a little exciting like a first date, it's where we “get to know each other”. Our ap...

  • Wed 20, Jul 2016
  • John Hedgman

How to increase conversions by making your site more trustworthy

How your users views and interacts with your site plays a crucial part in converting these visitors to customers. These days your web site is yo...

  • Thu 23, Jun 2016
  • John Hedgman

Microsoft SharePoint and value to the Business

How will Microsoft SharePoint Bring Value to My Business

We are commonly asked by our clients “We have SharePoint but we are not ...