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Increase productivity and performance with SharePoint

In the world of business looking at ways to the lean up the machine is a daily activity. It’s not a chore it’s a necessity to survive and this process generally leads to looking inwards on the business at opportunities to improve processes and collaboration. Businesses of all sizes face this head on, looking at a suite of tools that can hopefully help this process. One of the misconceptions many small-to-medium size businesses (SMBs) have is that these collaboration tools are only for large organisations because of their size and the costs involved. Well at JCH Media we have some news for you, this is not true.

Microsoft SharePoint as a business and collaboration tool has all the necessary ingredients to maximise employee performance and improve internal business efficiencies. With Microsoft’s Office 365 solution it makes

SharePoint more available and cost effective to any organisation.

SharePoint has the potential its all their under the bonnet, straight away you can take advantage of:

  • Create a company intranet, providing a central platform to communicate across the company. Consolidate information and processes under one roof that can be easily accessed securely anywhere at anytime.
  • Create workspaces and specific project-related sites so employees working together can share documents, schedules, calendars and chat about information related to a specific topic from anywhere. For management, they can run KPI’s against these sites and at a glance see how all the projects are operating against their delivery schedule.
  • Manage company documents. We are all familiar with G: drive, 10 versions of the same document and where is the latest and who owns the document? For any organisation, this is not only frustrating but a time-consuming task. With SharePoint you can consolidate, group, search, share, add compliance and retention, version control and create ownership against each document. Allow SharePoint to bring simplicity to your document management.
  • Easy-to-use collaboration tools such as wikis, announcements, calendars to facilitate the sharing of ideas and information. Utilise SharePoint’s workflows taking manual tasks and integrating them into SharePoint simplifying the process, speed, visibility and coordination of these activities.

From the short list above, I’m sure you can see how this tool can help increase the productivity of employees within your company. If you would like to know more get in contact with us and we will more than happy to come and show you how SharePoint can work for you. 

"Through relevant and reliable content it allows the business to identify and solve problems faster, communicate and service clients more effectively and allow people to get on with what they do best!"