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Microsoft SharePoint and value to the Business

  • SharePoint
  • John Hedgman
  • 23 Jun 2016
  • Posted 5 years ago

How will Microsoft SharePoint Bring Value to My Business

We are commonly asked by our clients “We have SharePoint but we are not sure what to do with it” and “What can SharePoint do for our business?” Both are variations of the underlying question – What value will it bring to the business?

Microsoft SharePoint can be used for many thing but at its core it is used for quickly building web sites (based on pre-defined templates) and web-based applications. Most businesses will leverage off these template sites as they comprise of a set of features that a business can relate too and associate instant value against.

Across most companies we meet this has been the foundation layer for their corporate intranet and no doubt contributed to SharePoint’s success as a product. In the shore term this can generally service the business needs, but in most cases where the business is utilising internal resources to manage the system the company is left questioning the product and its value to the business, which is generally around its costs, capabilities, features, which leads them to What’s Next! and how do we get there? How can we get more value from this product? How much will it cost? Who do we engage with?

If these questions are being asked by the business and you haven’t yet engaged with an external SharePoint provider than it’s an avenue worth considering. An external provider can bring many things to the table but most of all it’s the knowledge and experience you will see value in. The reason being, this knowledge (providing the company is happy too) if transferred across will empower the business with a new understanding of SharePoint providing an insight to where they can integrate SharePoint in other areas of the business and leverage its features and capabilities which will result in efficiencies and new processes within business. This alone will create change within the business, from there its about working on an idea definition list, mapping these against business priorities and creating a road map for SharePoint, then engaging your provider on short term delivery sprints so that the the business can see a return on their investment within a short time frame.

At the end of the day it’s a partnership, at JCH Media we work with our clients to educate and empower them with the knowledge and tools so that they can see the value of SharePoint as a business system and make the right decisions for the business putting them in control.