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Our intranet looks like.......!

A common thread we have seen over the many years is that no one wants to use the company intranet. WHY... because "It Looks terrible, it's dated, it's not user-friendly, we can never find anything".

User experience design for SharePoint has always been a second thought in the process of creating a corporate intranet. What businesses fail to see is that it doesn't matter how many "Bells & Whistles" the system may have, if the design presentation layer hasn't been thought through then it will certain to fall short. The reason being is that users don't appreciate the technology that supports the platform, they only care about good it looks and whether it functions as per their expectations. When you look at it from this perspective you can see why so many intranets aren't reaching their potential within the organisation and are going to the graveyard.

Last week we came across an interesting report by Sharegate on SharePoint usage. Within the article, it was very interesting to see that organisations rated "Look & Feel" at 82%. This is a clear reflection, how businesses now view the importance of a visually engaging intranet solution.

A modern Internet that is user-friendly, social, and mobile optimised will have an extraordinary impact on the way people work. The concept is quite straight forward, when users can easily find the information they need, the systems to access, apps that create efficiencies, and the right people to collaborate with—productivity and innovation escalates. Coupled with this, a well-designed intranet will enable your organisation to effectively promote and practice company values so that your culture is self-propagating. The design is more than just looks, it allows users to engage and learn through innovation, build trust and relationships and encourage culture within the organisation.

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