SharePoint DMS

Improve overall business efficiency by customising Sharepoint's powerful search allowing staff to quickly and easily locate relevant material.

A core feature of SharePoint is document management. While organisations see the value of this feature in having centralised data, collaboration, recovery, taxonomy, and automated workflows unfortunately without the correct management and governance it can potentially turn into the dreaded G: drive, and user behaviour will fall back into the old ways.

Without the correct system planning in place, locating current and accurate information can be a time consuming task for the business. Efficient organisations understand the importance of productivity and invest in making it simple and efficient for employees to discover, create, and collaborate on content through mechanisms such as relative data taxonomies, customized search and automated workflows. When implemented correctly these are seen as an asset, not a burden, to the business.

While all businesses operate differently, SharePoint out-of-the box provides the foundation to be customised on to meet the businesses goals and expectations. Understanding how employees manage, find, classify and collaborate is part of the journey into solving problems faster, improving communication between teams and allowing employees to complete tasks efficiently and get on with their day to day duties.

At the end of the day our goal is to maximize employee productivity to benefit the whole business through SharePoint's abilities and rich features. We are here to help with your document management requirements - whether its Office 365 or on premise, our team has the knowledge and expertise.

Benefits of planned DMS



Maximise your investment utilising SharePoint as more than just a document portal.


Audit, legislative, regulatory, accountability, retention, destruction and compliance controls.


Improve overall efficiency by customising Sharepoint's powerful search allowing staff to quickly and easily locate relevant material.


Apply workflows to automate the process of managaing, collaborating on and moving documents.


Manage high value documents and records throughout their lifecycle.

Sharepoint Knowledge Base
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Knowledge base

Our powerful Knowledge Base system simplifies the process with creating, collaborating and sharing information within the organisation.

Packed full of features including:

  • Search & refine
  • Popular tags
  • Drag & Drop onto article
  • Pin articles
  • Dynamic tagging
  • Subscription & notifications
  • Follow articles and topics
  • Pin articles
  • Group by topic or tag
  • @Mentions
  • Posting & discussions