SharePoint Governance

At the core the goal of governance is ensuring that SharePoint solutions are used and managed to their potential in the most productive and effective way.

Without SharePoint Governance life would be one big messy virtual desk. Invoices, documents and notes written on scrap pieces of paper scattered about without order. Over time this method becomes unreliable, time consuming to work with and generally frustrating. This is SharePoint without a governance strategy.

Over the years we have seen many cases of governance strategies applied within medium and large organisations. We have noted how it has been adopted and the difference in the understanding of what SharePoint governance really is. The majority of businesses and organisations we work with have thought about it, but don’t quite know exactly how to apply it and the importance of effective governance.

We find that governance discussions within the business often focus on policies, procedures, policing and managing the content aspects of a SharePoint solution, but we believe it goes beyond this and needs to be much more of a holistic view.

Governance needs to live within the organisation, and while at a base level it provides structure and guides teams, users and management, it also must support the flexibility to adapt, and manage change within the organisation. At the core, the goal of governance is ensuring that SharePoint solutions are used to their potential in the most productive and effective way.

We have both the experience and technical understanding to develop a governance strategy to suit the level of procedural complexity and resource structure in your organisation.

Governance tips

We take pride in our interdisciplinary approach in crafting beautiful, functional and engaging work that delights and delivers results.


Understand governance and its value to the organisation then introduce and apply it early on.


Make sure governance is applied in all aspects of new and existing development.


Ensure your business goals align with your governance objectives and targets.


Define roles and responsibilities, ensure they are advocates too, so that governance is supported.

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