Sharepoint Short Introduction

This course is ideal for beginner users who would like to become more familiar with SharePoint Online, its features and functions.


Course Details

This course is ideal for beginner users who would like to become more familiar with SharePoint Online, its features and functions.

  • LevelBeginner
  • Duration4 hours
  • Cost595.00
  • PrerequisitesThis course is designed for beginners who are looking to understand SharePoint and how it works. No previous experience with SharePoint is required.

About this course

This course is designed for all users interested in gaining a deeper understanding of SharePoint’s capabilities and suite of features. Participants will leave the training with the confidence needed to apply their newly learned knowledge back into their own SharePoint environment. No prior SharePoint knowledge is required.

Learning Outcomes

  • Structuring SharePoint to support users and content
  • Understanding SharePoint features and where/when to use them
  • Setting up of sites, pages, lists and libraries ready for content
  • Understanding the basic principles associated with managing, creating and sharing for information

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Understanding SharePoint
  • SharePoint content management
  • Document management
  • Working with lists & libraries

Understanding SharePoint Session Outline

SharePoint provides the tools to become a powerful site provisioning engine allowing you to select and create different sites for your teams, projects, services and solutions. In this module you will learn about site creation, including determining the correct structure for your organisation, the varying types or site templates and where/when to use the different site templates available within SharePoint. Topics include:

  • Sites vs Site Collections
  • Classic vs Modern Sites
  • Site types and definitions
  • SharePoint Architecture

SharePoint Content ManagementSession Outline

SharePoint supports dynamic rich content through its suite of features. In this session we look at SharePoint at how its uses these features and its functionality to support the varying types of content that can be contained within the application. Topics include:

  • Understanding Sharepoint structure (sites, pages, lists & libraries)
  • Demonstration of the available features within SharePoint and where/when to use them
  • Site information including styling and theming
  • Location of where to find and store site assets
  • Defining the correct structure to support content and users find information effectively

Document managementSession Outline

One of the most requested features by organisations is leveraging the document management capabilities within SharePoint. In this session we dive deep and explore SharePoint document libraries and all its features and functionality. Topics include:

    • Introduction
    • Options around uploading documents
    • Document properties and metadata
    • Creating document views
    • Document settings and options
    • Synchronising library assets
    • Versioning and restoring
    • Sharing of documents (internal/external)

Working with lists & librariesSession Outline

SharePoint comes packaged with a suite of list and libraries that can support various types of digital assets. In this session we look through the available OOTB lists and libraries and their unique features as well as explore custom lists their many benefits. Topics include:

  • Introduction into the suite of list and libraries
  • Exploration into features and functionality
  • Creating and managing list data
  • Using quick edit
  • List and libraries settings and options
  • Data properties and metadata
  • Versioning and restoring
  • Synchronising assets